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Adventures Through Snowvid 2021


After the longest week last week due to the winter storms across the country I can say that I am happy that we all got through it – some are still dealing with the aftermath but at least the storm is behind us. While sitting at home without electricity, with many layers of clothing and piled under a mountain of blankets I got to thinking about other ways to keep warm. Naturally, the first thought was the electricity coming back to life but without that option there had to be more fun and creative ways to get through this storm.


Enter a wild imagination and a bottle (okay, actually two) of Lick flavored lube. My personal favorites are peach and mango. They are great on their own but even better combined! The smell of these adult lubricants alone transforms your mind from a freezing cold house and onto a tropical island with the sun beating down on the white sands with the waves crashing in the distance. Obviously, the lubes are great for self-preservation but why deny my partner the warmth, fun, and tropical adventure I was about to go on?


Thanks to Lick, my partner and I were able to get through the freezing cold week a little bit easier. We were warmed up, killed some time, and made the best of the situation. As much as I love the lube a girl needs some foreplay… maybe a sensual massage with a flavored massage oil infused with vitamin E is in my future?